about us

Specialized in lifestyle driven brands, Blue Bird Co. is an all-round 
brand representation agency, within the scope of sales and marketing,
Blue Bird Co. offers adequate and effective solutions for brands in Outdoor, Snow, Surf, Skate & Fashion

Relationships have been developed by routinely working with major as well as independent retailers. As a result, we provide different brands with possibilities to be successful.

Whether it is content or an event – with our marketing strategy and lifestyle approach we will always look what suits our clients best.



our values


Authenticity empowers us to be who we are. Understanding eachother strengths and motivators can be a game-changer for ourselves, our partners and our organizations. 


For our company, sustainability is no longer just a matter of good manners; it is now an integral part of our business. What’s more, a comprehensive understanding of sustainability is increasingly becoming a precondition for our future growth. Because people and societies all over the world are right to expect a new understanding of roles from companies. For us,  responsible companies are leading by example, they are showing that ambitious sustainable goals are an essential component for future success and that’s why sustainability is one of our key values.


Loyalty is not something we talk about much and lately, it even seems unpopular in certain environments. However to us at Blue Bird Co. it’s a vital quality to possess and especially to expect in the business we work.

On the other hand loyalty must never be blind or submissive. Such loyalty is unsound. Being loyal is being devoted and vulnerable, but never naive.


To have a successful business, selling a good product is only half the battle. Providing our customers with good service is just as important.

By providing good customer service experiences, we can built a longterm relationship with our customers. That’s why we never settle for less and always try to provide the best service possible in our business.